Fixed Mount Scanners

By utilising fixed mount scanners, you are enabled to get hands-free convenience and extraordinary scanning speeds of any barcode and on any surface. This range of fixed mount scanners provides omnidirectional scanning in any environment including retail, airport, FMCG, and various manufacturing environments. This tiny device, with comprehensive data capture ability, is easily integrated into a production line and can scan any barcode, from 1 dimension (1D) to 2D, to DPM (direct part marking).

Hand Held Scanners

Our range of rugged, tethered and non-tethered scanners, bring comprehensive, high-performance data capture to harsh industrial environments that improve business efficiency. Engineered with breakthrough digital imaging technology, this scanner family delivers extremely fast and accurate data capture of one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes, images and direct part marks (DPM).

Mobile Computing Deviceszebra-mobile-device-product-pic

When you need to scan barcodes and collect data in the harshest of environments, we have the mobile computing solution for you. Whether your workers are managing inventory in industrial warehouses, searching for materials in subzero temperatures, or repairing military equipment in a hot sandy desert, these devices are matched to your requirements. This range of mobile computing devices offering the user the ability to carry out mobile data collection and computing tasks with complete confidence, even if the label has been damaged.